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Bangladeshi shot dead during robbery in Los Angeles

A Bangladeshi national has been shot dead by suspected robbers at a Los Feliz gas station near the gateway to the Greek Theater and Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The Los Angeles victim, a clerk of Los Feliz gas station, was identified as Mizanur Rahman Russel, a Bangladeshi student who was pursuing his graduate studies in Los Angeles.

“It is shocking,” said Benoit Hecquet, who lives near the Chevron gas station at the corner of Vermont Avenue and Los Feliz Boulevard. “I remember a few gunshots a few years ago, but nothing so terrible.”

Mizanur worked the overnight shift to earn money for his family and put himself through graduate school.

The victim, who was in his 20s, only recently began working at the gas station.

Mizanur was the only son, and he sent money home to his family.

“He was always polite, talkative. And he even asked about how my son was doing,” said Hecquet, who said he would sometimes buy cigarettes at the station.

The shooting occurred about 3:30 a.m. when a man entered the Chevron station and purchased an item, said LAPD Det. Meghan Aguilar. The man later returned to the counter, produced a handgun and demanded money, she said.

“The clerk was cooperating when the man shot him,” Aguilar said. The gunman then reached over the counter and grabbed the entire cash drawer and ran, Aguilar said.

The suspect fled in a light-colored car. The wounded clerk was able to call 911 and was rushed to the hospital, where he died from his injuries.

Co-workers said the victim was an MBA student who worked nights while studying.

“I am sure scenarios like these happen, but I am heartbroken,” said Carlos Francisco. “He was a dreamer. Work by night, study by day to make himself better.”

Source: Daily Sun, Dhaka, Bangladesh


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