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“Bhuban Majhi” premieres today

The ever growing film industry of Bangladesh has witnessed the arrival of quality cinema, offering the audience unforgettable experiences in the theatre halls. Today marks the premiere of the much anticipated “Bhuban Majhi,” a Liberation War drama directed by Fakhrul Arefeen Khan that sports a stellar cast including prominent Kolkata actor Parambrata Chatterjee and popular Bangladeshi actress Aparna Ghose in the lead roles.

It also stars Mamunur Rashid, Maznun Mizan, Sushama Sarkar and singer Waqeel. Produced by Gorai Films and Reflect Multimedia Communications, The Daily Star is the Youth Engagement Partner of the film. In a recent conversation, Aparna Ghose reveals her experiences working in the film, and what the audience may expect.

How has your experiences been working for this film?

When the director first told me about the script, the story moved me profoundly and I was elated to receive such an opportunity. Another motivation for taking up this role was to work with Param da. My character, Farida, is a fearless girl who is exceptionally inspirational, and I have always desired to represent a strong woman. I felt a strong kinship with Farida, and felt we had similarities. There are many Liberation War- based films and stories, but this one surrounds actual events and the figures connected to that time, so we were not just playing roles, but embodying real people. Thus the acting experience was different from what I have done before. How successful was I in portraying Farida? That is a question that only Farida, or anyone that knows her, can answer.

What are your expectations following its release?

Those working for any film have high expectations because of the efforts we invest. But not all stories will appeal to the general public, and this is where I feel “Bhuban Majhi” differs as it is not only a Liberation War film, it’s also a love story that is central to the plot. I will admit this though, to capture the 1971 era was challenging, and the director has helped me immensely to play my part successfully. This is also the first time where I have seen each department concerned with the film, from costume and everything else, have had crucial contributions towards it coming to fruition. I hope that our hard work is rewarded by the audience enjoying the film.
Parambrata Chatterjee and Maznun Mizan in a scene from the film.
What sets this film apart from other films that deal with the Liberation War as its central theme?

This is based on real life events. The Liberation War films that we have seen so far focused on stories of a particular region or group of people. This film takes place in Kushtia, and is based on the story of Motiur Rahman, a Baul ascetic and singer. To maintain the authenticity of the lived experiences of people, our scenes have been shot in their immediate environments.

As the film is based on true events and real figures of the time, how did you prepare for your role?

Our director Arefeen had met the real Farida before, and talked to me about her at length which helped me portray her on screen, and some scenes were shot at her house. To be immersed in my character’s environment, and to see the hardships she faced in life, I slipped into her shoes with ease and was able to become her.

What’s next for you, now that the film has been released?

Right now I am anticipating the audience’s response to the film. I cannot take up too many projects at one time, and prefer to wait before signing on for the next one.

Source: Daily Star, Dhaka, Bangladesh


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