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Conference on common future

Omer Fayshal Pavel

International conference on ‘Envisioning Our Common Future 2016’ was held on December 22 and December 23, 2016 with about 200 paper presenters and participants, 15 international registered delegates with more than 25 national and international professors and scientists. The conference was inaugurated with the welcome speech of Juwel Rana, convener of the conference and executive director of South Asian Youth Research Institute for Development Bangladesh and also a member of Research Committee on Social Transformation and Sociology of Development (RC09), International Sociological Association (ISA). The special guest Prof. Shibli Rubayet Ul Islam, dean, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka and chief guest Prof. Dr. Md. Akhtaruzzaman, pro vice-chancellor (administration) of University of Dhaka delivered speeches at the inauguration. On the inauguration day, the session chair was Engr. Md. Abdul Awal, advisor of the conference organising committee and managing director of Structural Engineers Limited.

Following the inauguration, the keynote speech session took place. The keynotes addressed the future of global society, language, identity and genesis of the Bangalee Muslims. Dr. Habibul Haque Khondker discussed the importance of multidisciplinary conferences to create a sustainable and common future during his keynote speech. According to him, “The conference is conceived in the hope of bringing young minds from home and abroad who share a common dream of prosperous Bangladesh.” He also said, “Bangladesh is enmeshed in a global network of relations and regional imperatives. The vision of the common future must include a regional and global perspective.” Dr. Nadine Murshid of University of Buffalo in the State University of New York, USA introduced the idea on use of neoliberal language among a sample of microfinance participants in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Dr. Muhammad M. Haque of McNeese State Universit of USA presented paper on forming identity along the global paths. Dr. Hasan Mahmud of Northwestern University in Qatar spoke on the future of global society, language, identity and genesis of the Bangalee Muslims. Prof. Dr. Yang Lee of Gyeongsang National University, South Korea and Yale University, USA in his keynote explained how such conferences can play a very vital role in making people closer with same thoughts.

There were total 12 parallel sessions for different paper presenters, two keynote and one poster session in the conference. The conference sessions took place in the Conference Hall, Faculty of Business Studies, Centre for Advanced Research in Humanities and Centre for Advanced Research in Social Sciences, University of Dhaka. As many as 80 research papers were presented and more than 20 posters were exhibited at the two-day conference. The conference was attended by the delegates, researchers and scholars from Bangladesh, United States of America, several European Nations, Philippines, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan and many other countries. From Bangladesh, faculty members and graduate students from various universities participated and presented their papers. In addition to that, scientists from ICDDRB, NIPSOM, BRAC and UGC also presented their papers.

There was also an award and certificate-giving ceremony on the last day. The Best Paper in Student Category was awarded to Fariha Tabassum, a student of Political Science, University of Dhaka, and the Best Poster Award was awarded to Shafrina Samia, a student of Psychology from the same university for their groundbreaking research on terrorism and selfishness.

This two-day conference was jointly organised by Bangladesh Study Forum (BDSF) and South Asian Youth Research Institute for Development (SAYRID). The lead sponsor of the conference was Well Food, a sister concern of Well Group of Industries, which operates the largest bakery food chain across the country. The chairman and CEO of the Well Group Mr. Syed Nurul Islam said that in future they are willing to sponsor such kind of conference for the sake of building knowledge-based Bangladesh. Structural Engineers Limited (SEL), Nirapad Development Foundation, Center for Social Studies (CSS), SEL Charitable Foundation and SEL Nibash Hotel were also the key collaborators. Faculty of Business Studies of University of Dhaka, South Asian Journal of Social Sciences (SAJSS), The Journal of Social Studies, Samaj Nirikhon, and Family Medicine and Primary Care Review were knowledge partners. These institutions will publish selected articles from the conference. The conference was dedicated to the intellectual martyrs of Bangladesh.

The writer is pursuing his masters in Department of Pharmacy at East West University, o.f.pavelewu@gmail.com

Source: Financial Express


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