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Easy ways to beautify your eyes

Ways to brighten and enhance eye area

Having little ones running around means that any primping has got to get done fast! Here are five really easy, quick tips to brighten and enhance your eye area.
1. Smile: It’s very easy, I know. But it makes you look younger, happier, and gives you a glow that no makeup ever could achieve

2. Get more rest: Lack o f sleep can cause your eye area to look red and puffy, and you may even notice dark circles look more pronounced
3. Use concealer: Using a proper concealer under your eyes, in the inner corners adds a extra definition to your eyes and always use a primer
on your lids too. I know that a primer seems kind of unnecessary, but it makes a huge difference! Your eye-shadows will stay on much longer, with much less creasing, and the pigments in your eyeshadow will be much more true to color, and will show up much better, resulting in you using less
4. Learn the eye kits: Applying techniques that will help you quickly pull together a simple, beautiful look. If you know which beauty kits goes where it would be easier to apply and get an amazing look in a few minutes.
5. Use your eyes to see what God sees: Our eyes can be used in so many ways; to quickly assess and negatively judge, to look for opportunities where we can score a deal/promotion and get ahead, to pore over things that we want, but can’t or shouldn’t get. Or we can train our eyes to look for the good in people and situations, to watch for brothers/sisters/friends that are in need of some love and care, to see opportunities for positive change and growth, and to see possibility where others see only hopelessness. God wants to improve our vision. Be sure to ask Him today what it is that He wants you to see.
6. Pamper your eyes: As you are using a lot o f products for enhancing the beauty of your eyes, you definitely need to pamper your eyes in a regular
basis. How? It is easy. Wash out the make ups when you are done with the day. Give rest to your eyes, your eyes need this. Take proper nap whenever it is needed and try to give a bit soft message to your eyes sometimes.

Source: Asian Age, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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