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None can obstruct river water flow: PM

Terming her recent India visit fruitful, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said on Tuesday that none will be able to obstruct (Teesta) river water flow into Bangladesh.

“The river water will flow into Bangladesh. None will be able to obstruct the water flow.
And we have to find a method to preserve the water,” she replied to a question on the proposed Teesta water-sharing deal.

Sheikh Hasina said the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and India have reached a new height following her just-end visit to the next-door nation.

“I am very satisfied with my India tour. There is nothing to be frustrated as both the countries are equal in terms of respect. The visit has been fruitful,” she added.

The premier disclosed the outcomes of her visit while addressing a press briefing at her Ganabhaban residence in the capital.

“I have not returned home empty-handed. I have gotten something. I wanted water, but got electricity. This is also necessary for our country,” she said.

Referring to the deals and the memorandums of understanding (MoUs) signed with India, the premier said nothing was done against the interests of Bangladesh.

“There is nothing to hide anything about the deals… You will be able to know about the deals and the MoUs.”

Mentioning the BNP’s defence pact with China, the premier said she would not do anything, undermining the country’s interests. “Being a daughter of Bangabandhu, I will not do anything, undermining the country’s interests.”

“Sheikh Hasina does not sell the country, rather protects its interests,” she said, adding: The usurper, who assumes office unconstitutionally, can do so in a bid to prolong power.”

She also said all agreements with foreign countries are signed after the approval of the cabinet. “So, these are open documents.”

Responding to her government policy to maintain relations between India and China, she said Bangabandhu’s “Friendship with all, Malice to None,” is the guiding factor of her government’s foreign policy.

“I am trying to comply with the policy word by word and establish good relations with every country,” she said, adding that Bangladesh needs to have good relations with all countries for its cherished prosperity.

Sheikh Hasina mentioned she was surprised as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to receive her at the airport in New Delhi.

“I have not gone there for anything. I have gone there for friendship and I have got it,” she stated.
The premier bitterly criticised a section of politicians for not raising voices during the construction of the barrage. “Those crying for water now did not utter words during the construction of Gajoldoba barrage.”

The Indian premier clearly said the proposed Teesta dead would be signed.

The premier also spoke about India’s West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s alternative proposal for giving Bangladesh water from four smaller rivers instead of Teesta.

“I have also given an alternative proposal to her. Let them take water to Teesta from small rivers and provide us water from the river,” she said.

Responding to a question on the Ganges barrage project, she said the water resources ministry’s proposal for a Ganges barrage on Pangsha River will be suicidal if it is constructed.

Responding to a question about the BNP’s allegation that she (Hasina) inked deals with India to remain in office for another five years, the premier welcomed the BNP chief for her realisation.
Khaleda Zia’s statement would put a positive impact on voters in the next general election, she hoped.

“Awami League (AL) has not assumed office through a barrel, rather BNP used military footsteps in assuming office,” said Sheikh Hasina, also president of AL.

The premier also came down heavily on Grameen Bank-founder Muhammad Yunus for not paying taxes. She said a friend of Yunus requested her to leave Grameen Bank to him (Yunus). “But, I said he must pay taxes like everyone else.”

The premier further said the business delegation accompanied her during her India visit found their opportunities and trade partners. As many as 12 MoUs were signed under which huge Indian investment will come to Bangladesh.

Source: Daily Sun, Dhaka, Bangladesh


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