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PM: Explore more international markets

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday stressed the importance of exploring more international markets for Bangladeshi products instead of chasing GSP facilities.

“Look for more markets for your products instead of chasing GSP and reliant on so few markets in only a few countries. You will see your markets run after you because no country in the world can deliver products as quickly as Bangladesh can,” she said, reports UNB.
The prime minister made the remark while inaugurating the month-long 22nd Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre.
She asked businessmen to look for those countries which need Bangladeshi items.
“The people of Bangladesh need only training and the direction to the right path.”
Sheikh Hasina said there are many items in the country that have huge demands abroad.
She said: “Don’t depend on some traditional items, try to diversify the export items.”
With the diversification of products, she said, the scope of new investment will be opened up.
The prime minister asked the apex trade body FBCCI to set up a cell in this regard and maintain the standard of their products to grab more international markets.
“Be sure your products can maintain the international standards, your products are eligible to be placed in the global market…you must give a special attention to this matter and ensure the quality of your products,” she said.
Terming it the driving force of the economy, she said the private sector also has some responsibilities to the country and its people.
“Give up thinking of your own status alone, the government is giving you a number of opportunities. Availing of these opportunities, you will have to do some welfare activities for the country’s people,” she said.
She said entrepreneurs have to develop the domestic market and improve the purchasing capacity of people for the sake of expanding of local industries.
The prime minister announced the leather and footwear sector as the product of the year from the programme.
Later, the prime minister handed over export trophies to the winners for the 2013-14 fiscal year.
A total of 66 trophies, 29 gold trophies, 22 silvers trophies and 15 bronze trophies, were given to 15 companies for their extraordinary export performance during 2013-14 fiscal year.
The recipients have been selected for the trophies following the national export trophy guideline of 2013.
Later, the prime minister inspected the DITF premises at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar.
Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed, Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce Ministry Tajul Islam, FBCCI President Abdul Matlub Ahmad, Commerce Secretary Hedayet Ullah Al Mamun and Export Promotion Bureau Vice Chairman Mafruha Sultana also spoke at the function.
Companies from home and abroad will display their goods and services at 580 stalls and pavilions of the fair. Of the total stalls and pavilions, 48 have been allocated for 20 foreign companies.
In addition to Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, China, Malaysia, Iran, Thailand, the USA, Turkey, Singapore, Australia, Britain, South Korea, Mauritius, Nepal, Japan, Bhutan, the UAE, Bahrain, Vietnam and Hong Kong are taking part in the fair.
Machinery, carpets, cosmetics and beauty products, electronics, jute items, leather and sports goods, sanitary products, toys, ceramics, fabrics, processed food, furniture and handicrafts will be among the products to be showcased at the fair.
The fair will remain open from 10am to 10pm. The entry fee for the adults has been fixed at Tk30 and Tk20 for minors per visitor.
Car parking, healthcare, traffic control rooms, mother and childcare rooms, water reservoir, mosque, fire service station and blood collection centre have been set up at the venue.
The participating companies in the DITF received export orders worth Tk 235.17cr last year. The first DITF was held in 1995.

Source: Dhaka Tribune


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