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Time to Switch

We’ve all been used to the bulky, futuristic gaming vessels provided to us by Microsoft and Sony. We’ve enjoyed them, of course. But what we, long-time gamers, have yearned for is to take our games with us without compromising the quality or gameplay flow. The new Nintendo Switch covers all of that and much more. The hands-on experience by tech savvy YouTube personalities and other gaming authorities around the world were impressed. And from what we’ve seen so far, anyone would be.

This wonderful machine won’t be available worldwide until the first week of March. Until then, we can at least dive into more exciting details about a console that might outsell the likes of gaming behemoths that is Xbox and PlayStation.
Switch 101
Images shared might be a hint to what you are dealing with, but what we have here is what, many would argue, the ultimate gaming console. Before you jump the gun, let us explain. The console itself is a modular gaming system that can either play connected to a TV (like all gaming consoles) or played on its tablet with two connecting controls, which makes the console into a handheld one.
The tablet or 6.2-inch display can even be propped up by a kickstand. The detachable controllers can act like mini Wii Remote motion controllers as well. In other words, when the Switch isn’t connected to your TV, you’re able to connect the controller to the smaller screen and use it has a normal handheld device.
Switch on
So what about the console’s battery? We have to keep in mind, it still is a portable device, TV or no TV. Nintendo says it can last from 2.5 and 6.5 hours on its battery. The company says, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can be played for roughly three hours on a single charge.” You can either charge the system to the dock at home or opt to simply plug in the USB Type-C phone charger to it so you can keep the battery life going.

Switch screens
The main hub is the Nintendo Switch Dock that will be sitting in whichever room you choose, connecting to whichever TV is preferred. The tablet slides into the dock that is connected to the TV. And when you choose to continue your game away from the room, you simply get out of the TV-mode and into the tablet, attached with its controllers. The transition between switching displays is impressively smooth and quick. The first or initial connection to the TV won’t load as quick, but it needs the initial load-up recognition with the connected display. After that, it’s almost like you’re simply swapping channels on your TV.
The Switch can output a 1080p (1920×1080-pixel resolution) image, even though the internal screen is 1,280×720-pixel resolution. It becomes easier to step down in resolution on the smaller screen.
Switch controllers
The two “Joy-Con” controllers also need charging. When they are detached from the tablet, they can become standalone Wii remote-like controllers. Once locked in on the sides of the tablet, it’ll be functional and charge at the same time. Then, there is the Charging Grip controller that attaches itself to the Joy-Cons for the main option of charging.
The versatility goes beyond just functioning as Wii-like remotes when separated from the console. Since there are two separate remotes, you can actually play a game with a buddy. Both of the Joy-Cons have buttons and a stick on the front and a pair of hidden ones on the inside as well. The right Joy-Con has a built-in NFC pad to pick up Amiibo or other connected toys, while the left one has an infrared sensor. And, to top it off, there’s also a “Capture” button for, you guessed it, screenshots.
Switch everything else
That display everyone is referring to as a tablet is fully functional. The 6.2-inch display behaves like a modern touchscreen. We aren’t completely sure how it will be to our advantage, but only time will tell. What you get straight out of the box can be seen in the imagine. In addition, there’s a cartridge slot and a micro SD card slot along with it. The card slot gives it the possibility to expand its 32GB of internal storage. And no, sorry, there is no support for DVD or Blu-ray discs. For now, there’s only a short list of games and 80 more titles in development. Either way, we’ll be waiting eagerly.

Source: Dhaka Tribune, Dhaka, Bangladesh


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