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Warez Panjabis for Baishakh

Red and white has been the go to colour for Baishakh. But that does not mean that creativity in what you wear is limited to that.

Over the last few seasons, Warez has made a name for itself for men’s fashion wear. This Baishakh is no different.

Although bright colours predominate, a sea of other shades are swarming the streets. This is Baishakh 1424 for you.

Wondering of stepping outside the norm and trying out something cool and an out of the box style? Well then, Warez is the place to be as their latest flamboyant collection will make you go haywire.

Made to resonate with the zeal and zest of the youth, their new collection is an artistic fusion of funk and tradition. Some of the appealing panjabis from their collections come in brown, orange and blue. The use of Batik has helped give their clothes that splash of colours which will make you stand out. Not only have they played with colours, but their panjabi’s cut and style will grab your attention right away.

What can you pair them with? If you want to go with a traditional look, a white pyjama is recommended for it will allow your new panjabi from Warez to stand out and for the colours to shout out the youth in you. In addition, something which people fail to pay attention to is the footwear. The first thing people tend to notice is your footwear; hence, if you’re wearing your Adidas Slides with your Baishakh wear, no matter how good your panjabi looks, it will destroy your entire outlook. Please give your feet something nice to wear, such as strapped leather sandals matched with the colour of your wrist watch; this will really complement your outfit. Wearing suede tassel loafers will immediately tell people of how well you know about fashion and that your entire outfit is well thought since the suede complements summer.

Feel as if you’re still missing out on something? Tie around one of those anchor bracelets from Noir, matched well with your outfit.

It would be recommended not to wear vests because you don’t want to boil in the scorching heat of the sun. They’ll simply trap more heat making you sweat like anything, putting both your look and health at jeopardy.

Wait no further and start preparing yourself for the Bengali New Year starting from today. With very little time left, don’t wait till the last moment to go shopping, given the rush in stores the night before Baishakh, your desired panjabi might run out of stock. Warez’s new line of panjabis will not only keep your style game strong but will awe the crowd no matter where you go.

By Ali Sakhi Khan

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Model: Abdullah Al Mafuz Raaj, Rabbi

Wardrobe: Warez

Source: Daily Star, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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